Thunder loss to Clippers just as bad as loss to Warriors was good

What’s most concerning about the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 0-2 start isn’t the 0-2. It’s that without Russell Westbrook for a second consecutive game, they couldn’t find a way to attack the rim.

It’s understandable to lose to Golden State. A lot of folks will this season.

But the Thunder had a 9-point lead on the Los Angeles Clippers in the third period and at least a six-point lead in the final quarter.

The Clippers won by 16.

They shot over 40 percent from both 2 and 3. Oklahoma City went 7 for 33 from beyond the arc.

Against the Warriors, I can understand that.

But against the Clippers, I don’t.

Sure, they used the behemoth Boban Marjanovic to clog the lane in the fourth quarter.

It’s almost like they had a strategy.


Oklahoma City’s loss to Golden State was a good one. Lots of encouraging signs.

The loss to L.A. Friday night was a bad one, not just for the size of the loss or letting a winnable game slip away – but because the Thunder got completely out-strategized in the fourth quarter.

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